This all started out as an idea to create a project consisting of 4-5 separate models that had endless possibilities of configurations. These models would be developed around a specific theme.  The end user might want to only machine one of the models or assemble them into a more interesting layout. Depending on how they would be used the possibilities for each project would be many and if combined with other projects (we call this a hack) the sky would be the limit.  

Doing all of that and offer them at a good price point to make them appealing.  

Sounds easy right?

Not so much.  

In the end, for now, this is what we have decided to do.

Create one project that we give to you for free with instruction and a video tutorial. This project would answer 80% of the questions and get everyone off on a good foot.  All of the other projects will reference this for help unless of course there is special information that you might need for that particular project.   

Once you get you head wrapped around how to use the free Heart and Ribbon project (link for downloading below) you can move onto the other free projects available in the Project Shop.  Maybe even purchase one you need for that next weekend CNC project. 

What level of experience will you need?

When it comes to using the models to assemble a layout you should be reasonably knowledgeable in the modeling/layout software you use.  The Getting Started Video will reference Aspire but the logic and many of the tools are transferable into most software used to create tooling from bas-relief models like we offer here (brief list below under file types).

Creating tooling and getting your machine to output a good final piece, that is up to you.  We will offer the odd hint or give a bit of guidance but it is up to you to know your CNC machine.  You may need to brush up on how to create toolpaths, have someone else create the tooling for you or contact the re-seller or manufacturer of the software for help. We will, over time, try to create a FAQ on this but it would be impossible to foresee every situation.

Getting Started Videos

Weekend CNC Warriors Start Here! Update coming soon.

Weekend CNC Warriors Start Here! Update coming soon.

Aspire Users Watch this one Second.  Update coming soon.

Aspire Users Watch this one Second.  Update coming soon.

This video will demonstrate how to Install and locate a Design and Make Project for use in Aspire 3.5, 4.5 and 8.

New March, 2015

Software Supported

The videos we will be posting will focus on our projects being used in Vectric's Aspire software. That does not mean that you can't use our models in other packages.  Below is a list of the file types offered and what software you can use them with. This is not a complete list but should help.  

 .v3m - for use with Vectric's Aspire software.

.stl - most other CNC modeling or machining packages will import these. ArtCAMRhino3D, Gemvision Matrix, EnRoute, DeskProto, MasterCam and many others.

.png - Grayscale bitmap files for use in software like CarveWright or other software that can create a bas-relief model from a grayscale image.

Question or need additional info?

Feel free to contact us after you have watched all of the tutorials and have tested your software with the free mini project.  Make sure to be clear on what you are having trouble with or the question you have.  Please reference the software and version numbers if needed.  

The project below is to accompany the "Getting Started" videos.

This project is provided for free to help you get comfortable with our projects, to insure software compatibility
and to help you get started off on the right foot!  

The Free Heart and Ribbon project contains
 5 models, a project sheet and License Agreement.

The above layout is included in your download!

Be sure to select the right link below for use in your specific software.




Project Sheet - Click to enlarge.

*The V3M files have been packed in a handy install package (.exe) that once run will install the project in your Vectric softwares clipart library.  

**The PNG and STL have been zipped for speedy download.  Once downloaded and unzipped you will need to add them to your library or move them to a prefered safe location.  

If you have any trouble with the above files please contact us.